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Protect Your Smart Contracts & Gain Trust With spherex First On-Chain Security

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Increase your smart contract’s security with spherex

Unbiased Transaction Analysis

SphereX analyzes your smart contract’s  behaviour, not transaction origin, ensuring fair assessments.
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Universal Security

SphereX protects your smart contracts, no matter how complex your DApp is.
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Allows Continuity

Stops only block suspicious transaction while your contract keeps running.
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Actionable Intelligence

Keep everyone up-to-date on the health and progress of projects.
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Protect User Funds

SphereX uses deep learning to protect your TVL and block hack incidents.
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24/7 Security

SphereX uses ML and Revert Analysis to spot exploits & recommend solutions.
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spherex Technical Litepaper

“...Allowing continuous, safe operation even under attacks, making sure that users never lose access to their funds”
SphereX Team
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