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Trustworthy Web3: Democratized, Decentralized, SECURE

Trustworthy Web3

Enable the exciting vision of trustworthy Web3. Mass adopted, democratized, decentralized, and secure global financial platform.

Backing innovative builders

Let smart contract builders focus on innovation and value creation, as we focus on security that brings trust for them.

Verifiable Security

Empower trust and peace of mind for the next billion users with transparent, independently verifiable security.

Community-Driven Platform

Built as an open platform, inviting the community to develop and build on top, of a collaborative ecosystem.

24/7 Threat Prevention

Revert exploits and malicious activity during runtime with an on-chain runtime solution.

ML Based protection

Advanced behavioral analysis detects and reverts 0-day attacks.

A Word From Our Founders

“The current smart contract security landscape is insufficient, with hackers causing enormous damages and delaying the development of the industry. SphereX presents the missing piece of the puzzle: an advanced security solution that blocks malicious transactions before they're finalized, and maintains the continuity of the protocol”
Eyal Meron

A Word From Our Founders

"We are the only existing solution today that provides Web3 applications with what they really need to win user trust - security without compromising on decentralization, and vice versa"
Oren Fine

Spherex Inspiring Trust : Partnering With Top-tier Investors

A word from our advisor

"SphereX impresses me with their deep knowledge and understanding of the blockchain ecosystem and security challenges. They've built a truly innovative and disruptive solution to fight smart contract hacks, and they have the potential to create a significant breakthrough"
Yoav Weiss
Security @ EthereumFoundation
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Dive into our technical litepaper to gain a deeper understanding of SphereX, the first decentralized security solution
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