Secure Your Web3 Apps with On-chain security

We keep your app running, even under threats.
1-click code setup
Pay as you grow pricing
Verifiable security
Why SphereX

Always-On, User-verifiable security for your Web3 apps

We keep your Web3 apps safe 24/7, protect user funds, and offer an easy-to-use security threat prevention dashboard.

Trustworthy Web3

Enable the exciting vision of trustworthy Web3. Mass adopted, democratized, decentralized, and secure global financial platform.

Verifiable Security

Empower trust and peace of mind for the next billion users with transparent, independently verifiable security.

On-Chain Exploit Prevention Solution

Prevent exploits and malicious activity during runtime with an on-chain runtime solution.

Backing innovative builders

Let smart contract builders focus on innovation and value creation, as we focus on security that brings trust for them.

Community-Driven Platform

Enjoy the benefits of an open platform where you can build on top of SphereX security engine.

ML Based protection

Advanced behavioral analysis detects and reverts 0-day attacks.
How it works

Make your Web3 app bulletproof in 3 easy steps

1-click code setup
Pay as you grow pricing
Verifiable security
Step 1
Integrate the platform code or share it with us
Step 2
Deploy the SphereXProtected contracts
Step 3
Gain insights and enforce protection with our dashboard
Decentralized & robust security solution

Level up to 100% decentralized safety

Fully Decentralized & On-Chain

SphereX spots and stops risky actions, keeping your code secure.

Smart Security

Our system with ML Based protection learns and improves, avoiding common human mistakes.

Verifiable Security

Our transparent code lets anyone confirm your DAPP is safe.
Continuity & flexibility

Less Stress, More Control with our Custom Security

Advanced Threat Detection

We keep your app running smoothly by instantly stopping suspicious activities.

Flexible Control

Administration can be done by any entity, complying with any governance structure you choose.

Modular Security

We are designed like a building set - you can easily add or integrate different security plugins and capabilities.
Accessible & cost-effective management

Effortless with Cost-Saving Management

Open Platform Architecture

We’re building SphereX as an open platform where you can build on top.

Fair Pricing

As your project grows, your payment adjusts - no big upfront costs.

Easy-To-Use Dashboard with Smart Analysis

Keep track of everything in a simple, friendly display while we check and explain all blocked transactions for you.

Get Answers to the Most Asked Questions

Q: How does SphereX Protect works?

SphereX Protect is a smart contract that protects other smart contracts at runtime. By conducting off-chain ML analysis of contract’s behaviors and uploading safe behavioral patterns on-chain, SphereX Protect automatically detects and reverts suspicious transactions before they are finalized, while maintaining the contract’s continuity.This way, the SphereX Protect solution provides security and continuity without compromising on composability or decentralization.

Q: How is this solution integrated with my smart contract?

The integration is done automatically and seamlessly within minutes. The integration itself is based on standard contract inheritance and modifiers.

Q: Is this solution decentralized? Who is in control?

The SphereX Protect is as decentralized as you desire it to be. Each contract within the solution incorporates a role-based operation structure that empowers you to determine who is in control and with what privileges. It complies with any governance structure - fully decentralized or completely centralized, at the customer’s choice.

Q: What happens when I update my smart contract?

Regardless of such an update, your contract will remain protected by SphereX Protect. The new code will undergo an automatic integration process and a new baseline will be introduced for the new logic. This process is needed to assimilate and merge the new possible behaviors with the existing data about the smart contract's operation.

Q: Is the protection done on-chain?

Yes, the protection of the smart contract is entirely conducted on-chain, during the execution of a given transaction in the target contract, and before the block is finalized and published.The on-chain nature of the SphereX Protect allows a verifiable proof that your smart contract is protected by SphereX.

Q: In what way SphereX’s solution is different from monitoring solutions?

Monitoring solutions typically involve analyzing finalized transactions and utilizing additional chain data to detect suspicious activity after it’s finalized, and the damage is done. Even in ideal cases of pre-incident alert, it leaves the protocol with the choice to pause the protocol and lose trust (especially if it’s false positive). SphereX’s solution (a smart contract itself) continuously checks and blocks malicious transactions, while allowing all other activity to continue normally.